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I’m Mar Kamal, and I want your business to look GOOD. (Like, red carpet at the Met Ball good.)

According to research from Stanford, 75% of users judge business credibility based on web design. But trying to create a unique, memorable and profitable look can be overwhelming and scary. That’s my cue. I have the experience, know-how and passion to create the jaw-dropping look your business deserves. I believe the world should see just how awesome your business is… And people should be proud and happy to be your clients.

so now you’re thinking…


who is this “mar” and what makes her cool enough to work with me?

First: I’m obsessed with elevating awesome small businesses like yours. I get a thrill out of creating a look that’s both gorgeous and functional, especially for business owners with open hearts and big dreams.

I’ve spent decades perfecting my design style. My work is rooted in marketing principlesto reach customers, your design must surpass “pretty.” And I’ve been helping colleagues, family and friends solve design problems for years.

Project after project, from an early age, I’ve learned many design lessons the hard way… So you don’t have to. Together, we’ll create the look that launches you towards your dreams.

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Still curious? Read these fun facts about Mar.

Mar also:

  • has been been featured on television as a veterinary expert on NBC New York and New York 1.
  • is an award-winning photographer. In 2019, she won a first prize in the Audubon Photography Awards, which is the most prestigious bird photography competition in North America.
  • has a charitable art company called Grinvites that showcases her quirky animal art.
  • has done work featured in major media outlets like BBC, Forbes, People and more.
  • is obsessed with smoked salmon, Photoshop, Audible, and Harry Potter… and spending time with her awesome family.

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Two ways to get your kick-butt design:

two ways to get your kick-butt design:



You’ll get an iconic logo and a stellar website, but we’ll dig way deeper than that. When we’re done, you’ll have more than a killer look: you’ll have an identity that will make waves in the world.

*UPDATE: I am booked through April 2021!

Thank you for your overwhelming support. Please contact me to inquire about services starting May 2021.





Powprint is the only web design service created for relief veterinarians by a relief veterinarian using the same marketing principles that fuel Fortune 500 companies. I’m excited to create a site that shows the world just how phenomenal you are.


Your journey to a jaw-dropping look starts right now!

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