you deserve more.

You’re a passionate, driven and conscientious relief vet. You work like crazy to give your patients and clients your ALL. That’s why you deserve more money, more time with your family, more free time, and more adventure in your life.   But how can you rise to the top?  

By doing the same thing I did before my income went through the roof.

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my friend,


Hey there! I’m Mariam (Mar) Kamal, fellow veterinarian. And I’m here to give your relief business a much-needed boost.

Once upon a time, I was a full time emergency vet. Now I’m a relief vet making TONS more money than I ever did as an ER vet… Seriously, if I worked all year instead of taking vacations and spending time with my family, I could make almost triple my ER salary.

Okay Mar... how did you do that??

It ALL got started because of how I marketed myself in the community.

See, I’ve always been shy and introverted―a computer nerd. (That picture of me with the laptop makes sense now, doesn’t it?) But that’s worked wonders for me professionally, because I’ve always been great at marketing myself. I can write and format resumes and cover letters that knock socks off, and I know just what to say in a job interview. It has served me well in life.

And in fact, when I created a website for my relief business, employers stopped asking for references or even for my rate. They just wanted to know how many shifts I could take! It’s important to note that I never relied on my website to BRING me jobs. But once I spoke with any employers and they visited the site―either by searching for my name online or by clicking on the link I sent―they became excited to hire me. I was blowing my competition out of the water.

But until recently, I didn’t realize that I could use my marketing “gift” to help my colleagues. That’s when I was approached by a friend to design her a website for her relief business. She’s the one who made me realize I could lift my colleagues and help them achieve the salaries, vacations and lives they deserve.

you can do this

by starting with a professional, gorgeous website that shows practices you’re the real deal. But not just any website. A snazzy, modern site that shows you’re not only a phenomenal vet, but that you take your business seriously. Your site should feature carefully curated content that shows you’re caring enough, compassionate enough, giving enough, and awesome enough to be welcomed into any practice. 


but, uh…

“Easy for you to say, Mar. I have no idea how to do that.”

“I have no idea how to set up a website. And finding someone else to do it is going to take forever and cost a fortune.” Well, not anymore. I’ve been doing graphic and web design for almost two decades. I’d be honored to design your website for you. And unlike other designers that may take weeks or even months, I’ll have your site up in a matter of DAYS.


I’ll design you a jaw-dropping site that will transform your business.
By the way, my work has been featured in:

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what are powprint clients saying about their sites?



Founder of Zylstra Veterinary Services, LLC

“Up until now, I’ve been very intimidated by the process of creating a website for my veterinary relief business. I wanted mine to be easy to use, visually appealing, and contain all the information I needed it to, but had no idea how to set up a professional site.

Mar made the whole process SO EASY and fun. She really “captured” me with minimal effort on my part and made a beautiful site that far exceeded my expectations in just one day.I cannot recommend Dr. Mar Kamal strongly enough for your website design needs.”



Relief veterinarian and co-founder of Veterinary Financial Summit

“Mar is an absolute genius. I just can’t thank her enough for her creativity and dedication to this project.

Mar, Thank you SO MUCH for all of your hard work and dedication to making an amazing website! You do a great job of showing personality in your work. 

I also really appreciate all of your work on the copy… of course many website developers don’t help with that at all. You have helped me to succinctly convey a very unique concept.”



Founder of Relief Rover and Purple Squirrel Veterinary Services, LLC

“This is the most fun, expedient, cost-effective way to get a website that puts your most professional face forward without compromising any personality. Powprint websites really pop with graphic design detail and thoughtful features.

By highlighting the best of both your business and personal life they create engaging websites that generate interest in your services and foster trust. Powprint has my highest recommendation.”



Founder of Marvelle Veterinary Relief Services, PLLC

“I had a wonderful experience with Mar and Powprint. Before meeting with Mar, I didn’t realize how much a website could help me as a relief veterinarian. Mar has great insight into what practice owners and managers are looking for. She was careful to not only highlight my strengths as a doctor but also who I am as a person.

I feel like when clinics are searching for a relief veterinarian, they’re not looking for any old DVM (or VMD) but rather an individual who can add to their team and fit in with their practice.

The website she created for me will hopefully help practices get a taste of who I am before I show up for work so they can be confident they hired the right person for the job.”

How does it work?

1_The Powprint mini video course shows you exactly how to set up your website account

2__The Powprint mini video course helps you gather the best content for your website, and you submit it 2 days prior to your web design day

3__Mar creates the content of your site in one day; on this day, you will be expected to respond to her emails within an hour (don’t work that day!)

4__The next day, Mar finishes the aesthetics of your site. You preview your site and submit any requested edits by midnight

5__Mar edits and launches your site in an additional 1-2 days. You’re done!

Powprint clients love their sites



Founder of Trusted Veterinary Ally

“Highly recommend Mar! Not only did she help me through the set-up process with detailed instructions, she also offered her knowledge and skills in marketing to help me better answer her questions. I will refer her to anyone wanting a creative and knowledgeable web designer that caters to your personality and skills to promote your best self to future employers.”



Founder of Liri Animal Health, LLC and Bad Wolf Jewels

“I love my new website! It looks incredibly professional, and really embodies who I am as a veterinarian and person. Working with Mar was easy, and I could tell that she really takes pride in figuring out the essence of each person so that she can infuse as much of their personality into their website as possible. I would highly recommend Powprint to any relief veterinarian considering a professional website.”



Founder of Just Paws, LLC

“I do not think anyone else will work as hard for you as Mar will. She will work to get your essence into your website. I am happy with my website : )”

Let’s see what Powprint includes:

1  Full custom web design, beautiful on all devices
$895 value

2  Copywriting based on market research
$500 value

3  Drag-and-drop website tools to easily edit your site
$249 value

4  Personal photo editing as necessary
$100 value

5  Lifetime customer support and community
$997 value

6  Completed site in a matter of days (other designers may take weeks or months)

Future access to full Powprint course
$1,997 value


what you’d pay elsewhere


one-time payment for Powprint

Looking forward to supercharging YOUR business when Powprint is available again!

Here’s to you and your relief business 🥂

Mariam (Mar) Kamal, VMD

Founder of The Hummingbrave and Powprint

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